How I.T. Professionals Are Creating Their Own Job Security

I.T. is the New Job Security

Everyone knows that Information Technology jobs are among the fasting growing occupations with higher salaries and great benefits. What people fail to realize is that these jobs are not leveling out. They are still in high demand and there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill the roles. With innovation at an all time high, many are creating their own roles in big corporations.


More than five million jobs in information technology are expected to be added globally by 2027.

United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics listed jobs like software developers and Information security analysts to have an expected 28%-31% growth rate, with median salaries of $95,510 -$101,790 annually, among the top in the nation.

Many are looking to learn Tableau online, search for the best AWS training courses (Amazon Web Services), professional Scrum Master certification (CSM), PM training (project management), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) training because they offer a skill set and a knowledge base essential for IT Management success.


Business Insider featured a report on the topic that provided the following facts:

  • Though there’s a high demand, there’s a skill shortage in cybersecurity, cloud, data analytics, Internet of Things, and converged infrastructure
  • Job positions and roles are still being created due to digital transformation (this means you may be able to create the job you want if you’re attentive to the needs in the industry)
  • Roles that have medium to high future importance and long-term growth include: Security management specialist; Network engineer or architect; Cyber security engineer or analyst; IoT designer, developer, or engineer; Business intelligence architect or developer; Software developer or engineer; Machine learning designer, developer, or engineer; Data engineer; Transformation consultant; Change management; Web developer; Mobile applications developer


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Not only that, but the skills learned in IT management roles are also scalable in other industries. IT professionals work in construction, oil and gas, engineering, retail, hospital management and others. Many take their careers to newer heights by consulting and partnering up with Fortune 500 companies to provide their services. They are essentially going into business for themselves and reaping the benefits in ways that they never could working for a big corporation.

If you want to learn more about advancing your career or starting a career in IT, you too many want to learn Tableau online, search for the best AWS training courses, earn your professional Scrum Master certification, get PM training and PMP certified, or work on some Certified Information Systems Security Professional training.

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