Amazon AWS certified professionals are getting paid top dollar for their expertise and skill sets across a variety of IT roles. Whether looking into options for networking, big data, cloud systems or others, you’re sure to land in the 6 figure range with certifications for AWS. Here is a list of 4 high paying jobs you’ll qualify for with AWS certification.

1. AWS Big Data Specialist

Annual salary average is approximately $141,779

AWS Big Data Specialists developing enterprise applications using multithreading, relational databases and frameworks. These professional services engagements focus on key customer solutions such as web applications, enterprise applications, HPC, IoT, batch processing, big data, archiving, and disaster recovery.

2. AWS DevOps Engineer

Annual salary average ranges from $93,000 – $144,000

Creating, designing, and implementing cloud solutions and debugging/patching as needed to help businesses run more effectively is typically the function of DevOps Engineers. These roles also include server maintenance.


3. AWS SysOps Administrator

Annual salary average ranges from $111,000 – $160,000

AWS SysOps Administrators create and maintain reporting tools to include analytics software and dashboards. They also ensure effective provisioning, operation, installation/configuration, and maintenance of virtual systems, software, and related infrastructures.

4. AWS Solutions Architect

Annual salary average ranges from $98,000 – $150,000

AWS Solutions Architects spend their time architecting, building, and maintaining highly available, cost-efficient, and scalable AWS cloud environments. They also make recommendations regarding AWS toolsets and keep up with the latest in cloud computing.

Sources: 2017 IT Skills & Salary Report by Global Knowledge, Amazon Web Services 2019

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